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Absolutely Write

Established by Arup Biswas, a former national newspaper journalist, Absolutely Write are the experts in business messaging, content, and inbound marketing.

Struggling to promote your business and get across why customers should use you?

Absolutely Write understands that despite your best efforts and your current marketing activities, something is not working. And we know that more often than not it’s because your business messaging (what you tell the world about your business) is wrong.

That’s why we create a bespoke ‘Pre-Marketing’ report specifically about your business that details exactly the elements to promote, your unique value offering, and the messaging to use to engage your target customers.

This results in businesses seeing a far greater return on investment (ROI) on their marketing and promotional activities, and winning clients like never before.

Do you want to attract customers to you like a magnet rather than continually shouting about how great you are?

If so, you need inbound marketing. This proven strategy draws more and more traffic to your website each month, positions you as an industry thought leader, and generates a growing pipeline of prospects with a sales conversion rate like never before.

Based on the revolutionary ‘They Ask You Answer’ marketing approach, Absolutely Write’s inbound marketing service ‘Write Answers’ will transform how customers see your business – from being a typical sales focused company to becoming a valuable educator who they trust (and as any business leader knows, trust is essential in making sales).

As experts in customers and audiences, Absolutely Write also creates highly effective marketing content for businesses of all sizes and from all sectors, from website content through to case studies, newsletters, and reports.

Client Feedback

We used his services to help develop our new website and after considering a few alternative options, Arup stood out. His experience and expertise was obvious from the start and his approach of really getting to know our company, our goals and what stands us apart in the marketplace, really helped us hit all our objectives. On point, on budget and on time, he delivered what he promised and we are delighted with the outcome.

Arup stood out

Arup prepared a Pre-Marketing report for us that was excellent in every way. The report gave us a fresh pair of eyes looking at our business website and provided valuable insights into USPs, straplines and content. What is more the entire procedure was completed in record time - less than two weeks from start to finish. Perfect!

Excellent in every way

Over the years we have had many different consultations within our various businesses but I honestly believe that yours has been the best value we have ever had! Had I known that you would do such a good job I would have been happy to pay considerably more.

Best value we have ever had

The Pre-Marketing report that Absolutely Write did for us was incredible! The level of detail they went to and thoughtful suggestions gave us food for thought which was exactly what we needed as it's hard to see the 'wood for the trees' when it's your own business.


Your report is, by some measure, the most constructive and practical help I've seen yet - thank you. It is logical (which suits the way I think nicely!), easy to read and, as promised, has enabled me to see the site from a totally different perspective.

Most constructive and practical

I used Arup's services for the launch of a new website for a client of mine. He was attentive, fast and detail orientated. I was nervous as it was the most I had ever spent on copywriting but it turned out to be the best investment we could have made in the project as the website now works as a basis for future marketing. Arup has definitely become my go-to guy and I look forward to us working together in the future :) Using Arup for your website content writing should be a no-brainer.

Best investment we could have made

Absolutely Write

Arup Biswas
0800 669 6316


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