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January 25th 2022 - Featuring Darren Grigas

  • Date: Tuesday 25th January 2022
  • Time: 6pm to 8:30pm
  • Location: The Holiday Inn West, Peterborough, PE3 6SG

Ultra-marathon runner and worldly adventurer, Darren shares stories and hard lessons from his epic desert crossings, world-first jungle expeditions and a 100-mile run across a giant frozen lake in Outer Mongolia where he sat around campfires with his Mongolian crew eating wild boar as wolves howled from the treeline a few feet away.

When a car accident damaged his back several years ago, it gave Darren a stark reminder of how fragile life is, he set out to challenge himself to not only overcome injury but to excel at something he loved.

Initially struggling to run just a single mile, Darren has since raced some of the toughest ultra-marathons in the world up to 250 miles long, over mountains, deserts, jungles and in arctic conditions. He has completed several world-first crossings encountering wolves, snakes, hyenas and indigenous tribes as he ventured through uncharted territories.

Things don’t always go to plan when pushing your extremes and Darren shares gory and entertaining stories, from nursing a machete wound throughout a 200km jungle trek, to running a 250-mile mountain race with a recently broken foot. Darren has needed to be “stupidly stubborn” at times and be mentally prepared to push on through the hardest of times.

He demonstrated true grit when he was one of only 3 finishers from a starting line-up of 600 hopefuls complete a series of challenges at the hands of the SAS and Royal Marines, including sleep, food and water deprivation, carrying 75lb packs over mountains, mind games, interrogations, stress positions and a 140ft leap of faith into darkness. Despite not being the fastest or strongest in a crowd, his determination and defiance prove the power of mental strength and a winning mindset.

Darren has featured in and on the cover of national running magazines, representing iconic sports brands, giving training and kit advice, and as an inspiring speaker for events across the country has twice been invited to share his experiences at Buckingham and St James’ Palace and present the Duke of Edinburgh Awards alongside Prince Edward the Earl of Wessex.

Darren has raised tens of thousands of pounds for local charities through his endeavours, which have included:

When not trekking across the globe, Darren is a father, a property developer and entrepreneur, he is a trustee and patron of local charity Anna’s Hope helping to support and rehabilitate children battling brain cancer.

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