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What does an IFA do ?

What does an IFA do ?

FIRST and foremost we deal with PEOPLE………our products and services may seem complex but that is what we are qualified to do.

We deal with businesses but after all businesses are made up of people.

We will solve your problems be it creating wealth or income, creating a pension for the future, or protecting you and your family or business against life events that will be catastrophic to you.

Whether you have £1 or £millions we will help you.


We are INDEPENDENT FINANCIAL ADVISERS. That means that we deal with the Whole of Market providers and are not tied to any one single provider.

That means we research the Whole of the Market for the best Provider for you.

You cannot use the word Independent unless you are truly Independent.

We are registered as a company and as individuals with the

FCA ( Financial Conduct Authority ).

You can look us up by checking the FCA website

We have to pass certain exams to achieve this status.

We are fee based as all IFAs are.

Our loyalty is to YOU and YOU alone.

Our objective is to find the best product/solution for you and your circumstances at this time.

We are absolutely transparent and your file, our research, fees, costs and any other such information are available for you to see at any time.

We are the only industry that gives you all this information in clear English and in writing. Nothing is hidden !

Our objective is for you to be as tax efficient as possible, so you pay the least amount of tax ( often nil tax ), and our advice is based on this.

We take into account all of your circumstances either today or what may happen in the future.

We are responsible for the advice that we give and are also responsible to The FCA as our Regulator.

We want a long term relationship with you and your family or business.

We work on a consultative basis ie a series of meetings where we can discuss over a period of time the process we go through with you.

We DO NOT expect a decision on the day…we have never worked like that and we aren’t starting now !

We have been trading since 1992…so we’ve sort of got the hang of things ( said jokingly !! )

We do lots of other things to help our clients, be it business advice, a shoulder to cry on, or just discuss a crazy idea.





David Frankland Dip PFS

Independent Financial Adviser ( since 1998 )

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